Volner Underwater

Already more than two decades has passed since I have been begging my father to buy me a "real" diving mask in order to get prepared for a seaside summer-holiday in Greece. That was my first encounter with the amazing underwater world. From that time my connection with the sea became so strong, that it left it's fingerprint on every moment of my life.

Responding to the call of the blue I have started a diving career as a freediver until I ended up as a SCUBA instructor. Being a part-timer Master Diver Trainer has still not filled the geographic gap between me and the sea (Hungary does not have any 'wet' borders), so in 2005 I've invested in a diving-center by the Adriatic sea in Croatia (www.octopussy.hu) with my girlfriend and my brother.

People say, the best way to get bored of your hobby is to choose it as your job, but I experienced it the other way. After thousands of dives and a few hundred students I'm still crazy about the sea and it's fantastic creatures. I always wanted to share the underwater dreamworld with as many people as possible. This enthusiasm forced me to be a dedicated fan of underwater imaging.

In Hungary I've published a lot of my photos as illustration to my articles in different travel- and diver magazines, but a few egyptian and thai dive-centers are also using my pictures to decorate their webpage. In the winter of 2009 an Adriatic fish guidebook has been published in Hungary also illustrated with my shots.

I've created this website to show the underwater world as I see it trough my diving googles to everyone who might be interested.

Have fun!

Miklós Volner